Thursday, April 4, 2013

NaPoWriMo 4th Day

Prompt: My castle

I don't know how to write about you.
I never shared you with anyone really.
You were always in my dreams; You are still in my dreams.
My daydreams anyway.

I used to run through you all the time,
Weaving in and out of your tall stone columns.
I always felt like you watched me out of amusement.
Your dark gray walls keeping me safe inside with love.

There was always a boy.
He had strikingly green eyes.
His hair was short, spiky, and wild.
You let him chase me past the stairs every time.

I never knew who he was; it wasn't important.
I was never afraid of you or him.
I loved being chased and playing in your halls.
He seemed to love me like you do.

Now I mostly sit in your library.
It has grown grander every year.
It is warm in a different way from outside its wooden doors.
Its not just the fireplace, and it might be your heart.

I used to think your heart was the four-poster bed.
The purple velvet curtains hugged us tightly.
I always sunk down into the feather mattress with multiple pillows.
I bet it was just your hands holding me as if I were a small delicate creature.

Even your gardens were enclosed within you.
I never got lost in the hedge maze.
I would stop to look behind me, to see if you were still following.
Then I would laugh and run on.

You had the most amazing fountains.
They sparkled and lit up as if they were flowing with crystals.
They flowed magick like you do.
It was never-ending; The source was unknown.

I don't ever want to leave you.
You will never abandon me.
I will keep searching until I find you; I didn't create you.
We've grown together, and we continue to grow.

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