Tuesday, April 16, 2013

NaPoWriMo 16th Day

You seemed so surprised when I asked you your name.
I was shocking myself by speaking to you.
I knew you were resting between sets, but it was my only chance to see who you really were.
You were so good-looking, it killed me.

I watched you as you walked up to the stage.
You played the one instrument I never would have guessed.
You told me only one side was really heavy, and it wasn't really that bad.
I couldn't help but compliment you on your strength.

You wore a black fedora and a button-up black shirt.
I never thought I would be attracted to that style.
I liked when you got too hot to wear either one, and cast them off the side of the stage.
You had such nice arms under those slick, shiny curls.

I wanted to tell you the effect you had on me.
You smiled and looked away when I spoke to you.
You touched me once while walking by, and I wanted to touch you back.
I really do think you cast a spell on me.

I'm afraid that when I even think about you,
You know.

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