Monday, April 22, 2013

NaPoWriMo 22nd Day

From the first time I saw you until the day you left us, I loved you.
There was magic gliding across the stage of your past and future.
You were young, but I was even younger at the time.
It didn't matter. You were my Man from that moment on.

I spent hours listening to your strong, clear voice.
You were never afraid to say what you wanted to say.
At least not once you were out of childhood and embracing your freedom.
You never really felt free though, I read in your poems over and over again.

I memorized your history and watched you make History.
In my castle, you weren't just my King, you were my friend.
I never believed the damnation of Neverland. You were an innocent too.
"They don't care about us!" you cried. I agreed. I cared.

With all the new talent of the world,
Despite the tarnation of your name,
Dangerous as the thought may be,
I never can say good-bye.

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